2 thoughts on “Sufganiyot”

  1. I smelled this in the vial and thought it would be too sweet. I was worried that the raspberry would turn artificial on me like so many berry scents tend to do. So I applied this oil on top of HoG’s pumpkin butter in Apothecary. I had hoped that the predominantly lemongrass scented lotion would help to distract if the raspberry started to go south on me. The combo worked out great scent wise but Sufganiyot is awesome on it’s own. The raspberry stayed true and the scent was surprisingly strong. Other raspberry notes I’ve tried have always faded out quickly but not this. I agree 100% with Alexis, this is indeed a very true to life perfume oil. In fact, I second everything she said in her comment! Well done!!!

  2. This one is all raspberry in the bottle. It reminds me of the strawberry in Southern Hospitali-tea (both perfectly jammy). I’m struggling to detect the doughnut portion at all. On my skin, I get them both and it is delectable. Realistic jelly doughnut all up in my face! I can even smell the puff of powdered sugar on top. I might be drooling a little. That raspberry filling is serious business, bright and sweet but all about showcasing the succulence of the fruit. The doughnut is probably 20% to that raspberry’s 80% at the start and I’m not complaining. It’s just enough bakery to set it off. The raspberry filling is seriously blowing my mind. It puts every single raspberry note I’ve ever smelled to absolute shame. I get progressively more salty-sweet dough as it wears, ending around a 60/40 balance (still raspberry jam dominant). Even the next day after sleeping, I get traces of raspberry on me where I tested it. Man, I can’t resist such a well-done and true-to-life foodie. I must have this. Definite yes.

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