4 thoughts on “Tomate”

  1. I legitimately thought this scent was a joke Caroline was playing on us when she teased it on social media (and now I feel slightly bad for my judgement). I just can’t for the life of me comprehend why I would want to smell like a tomato. But here we are. I’m trying it out in the name of catalog completion, so I’ll open my mind to the possibilities. The reviews I’ve seen of this have been nothing but gushy and my skeptical side is suspicious. My first impression is that it’s… weird. I guess if I focus and sniff, I can see how it might smell like a tomato. It’s striking me as dry though, not fresh and juicy. So, like a tomato after it’s been sitting in a grocery store for a couple days maybe. Does that even make sense? There is a faint green, almost peppery streak to it too, which I could attribute to the attached vine. So, I’m in the produce section hanging out. Again, the strangeness of trying to smell like this is making me giggle. Okay, focus. The longer it sits, the more realistic tomato I can read. It’s interesting to me, but in a coldly scientific way. I don’t know what else to say on this one. I feel so far out of my depth. It’s not offensive; It’s not great. I’m unaroused. Next!

  2. Well I get both the tomato leaf and the tomato vine but at no time do I smell red ripe tomato at all in this. It’s lacking that sweetness of the ripe tomato flesh. Definitely smell the bitterness and the greenness of the tomato plant (both the leaves and stems). That’s just me nit picking though because this is a pretty realistic tomato plant interpretation. I know it’s not listed but my nose swears it keeps picking up the aroma of ivy. Maybe that’s just my wonky scent memory…I grew up around a garden that had both plants, so who knows. This fades fast on my scent eating skin, which is a shame. I think this has great layering potential. I need to figure out what I can layer with this bad boy to increase the longevity.

  3. It smells like a red ripe juicy tomato still on the plant, which itself smells green, bright, and a little sharp. A whiff of the (for me) unpleasant alkaline odor that tomato plants put off to repel pests is completely missing. The perfect tomato, and plant, made better by subtraction..

  4. Description is very accurate ladies, and gents. This is the most realistic tomato 🍅 oil I’ve ever smelled. Like being smacked in the face with a big luscious, herbaceous plant 🌱 I love it, purchased so I can layer with ‘arcanas – garden witch’ hello spring and summer baby, nothing can stop me with this.

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