1 thought on “Unbaptism”

  1. This is fire and smoke and rebirth. I don’t get campfire so much as a raging furnace – I can smell the heat radiating off of me as I wear this. That specific aroma of a furnace kicking on in an old building. Clearly my chemistry amps the embers – not a complaint! I love dirty atmospherics and I’m getting that up front. The resin and frankincense come up under the embers, building that fire scent, adding layers and a feeling of ritual. The earthy stink of the embers is tempered by the liquors and pumpkin – I get a taste of them, but just a taste. A spicy-sexy, lightly sticky-sweet finish to the all-consuming, purifying flames. I’m reminded of my own journey of self-discovery and self-improvement – I always picture it as my hand clawing my way out of darkness, or out of a patch of dirt to rise from the earth, drawn to the flame of possibility. That’s what this smells like to me.

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