Arcana Craves

Apples Crave Cake

Apples Crave Cider

Apples Crave Flora

Apples Crave Peaches

Apples Crave Red Musk

Apples Crave Resins

Apples Crave Tea

Apples Crave Terror

Apples Crave The Tropics

Apples Crave Ultraviolet

Apples Crave Vanilla

Blueberries Crave Caramel

Blueberries Crave Cocoa

Blueberries Crave Gingerbread

Blueberries Crave Home

Blueberries Crave Snow

Blueberries Crave Sunshine

Blueberries Crave Surf

Blueberries Crave Ultraviolet

Blueberries Crave Vanilla

Marshmallows Bite!

Marshmallows Brawl!

Marshmallows Burn Down the Yule Tree!

Marshmallows Crush!

Marshmallows Drown!

Marshmallows Kick!

Marshmallows Pounce!

Marshmallows Pulverize!

Marshmallows Scatter!

Marshmallows Scoop!

Marshmallows Smash!

Marshmallows Smoke!

Peaches Crave Beaches

Peaches Crave Black Sand

Peaches Crave Chocolate

Peaches Crave Chthon

Peaches Crave Dolci

Peaches Crave Fire

Peaches Crave Forests

Peaches Crave Haint

Peaches Crave Mambo

Peaches Crave Pirates

Peaches Crave Terror

Peaches Crave Trance

Peaches Crave Ultraviolet

Peaches Crave Vanilla

Pumpkins Crave Bacon

Pumpkins Crave Bread

Pumpkins Crave Ganesha

Pumpkins Crave Honey

Pumpkins Crave Pointe Shoes

Pumpkins Crave Quietude

Pumpkins Crave Resins

Pumpkins Crave Terror

Pumpkins Crave Treats

Pumpkins Crave Trees

Pumpkins Crave Viola

Strawberries Crave Botanicus

Strawberries Crave Cocoa

Strawberries Crave Helios

Strawberries Crave Ice Cream

Strawberries Crave Incense

Strawberries Crave Indulgence

Strawberries Crave Lucy

Strawberries Crave Nyx

Strawberries Crave Pie

Strawberries Crave Summer

Strawberries Crave Terror

Strawberries Crave Ultraviolet

Strawberries Crave Waterfalls

Vanilla Craves Bread

Vanilla Craves Caramel

Vanilla Craves Cocoa

Vanilla Craves Fireworks

Vanilla Craves Gingerbread

Vanilla Craves Snow Fairies

Vanilla Craves Spring

Vanilla Craves Sugar Cookies

Vanilla Craves Terror

Vanilla Craves Warmth