Brand: Arcana

Scent Description:

Born out of a conversation here at Arcana about vices which were bafflingly left out of the seven deadly sins. To the early Catholic Church, envy was TFM, but… cannibalism? Apparently just fine. Hence this is our concept of a refreshing palate cleanser offered between courses of the long pork.

Vanilla-infused pear sorbet with sugarcane, white amber, and a drop of French cognac absolute.

9 thoughts on “Anthropophagia”

  1. I’m looking to buy a bottle. A friend gave me a tester once and it is such a delicious scent. Please contact me if you no longer have need of yours. Thanks! Kat

  2. A pretty and pleasant scent. However, on my skin the fresh pear note disappears immediately on drydown, leaving primarily the powdery warmth of amber and vanilla.

  3. One of my all-time favorite scents. Very pear-forward and a bit sharp in the bottle but mellows out once it’s on your skin. It’s sweet and sharp and lasts for most of the day for me, if you like pear scents you’ll love this one.

  4. in bottle | A sweet pear scent which is quite lovely and yummy.

    wet on skin | It’s still the pear sorbet where the vanilla stays in the background. The white amber makes it warmer. I don’t spot the cognac so far.

    dry on skin | It’s still a sweet pear sorbet but the cognac starts to make an apperance. Thankfully it doesn’t get boozy. The white amber and the French cognac create a scent that reminds me of the oak barrel where the cognac was stored. The sugar cane gives it a nice sweetness. Anthropophagia becomes warmer and softer with a longer wearing time, the pear making space for the vanilla, before it fades.

    final thoughts | Pear scents are so rare but they are so nice! Anthropophagia is my favourite perfume when I don’t want to wear something overwhelming because it is really a nice palate cleaner for the nose. Just be aware that the perfume will try to temp you to eat yourself. 😉 (But ey, it’s called Anthropophagia and that means cannibalism … quite suiting, no?)

    short & sweet | Sweet pear sorbet which becomes warmer and softer with time. No boozy cognac, more of the oak barrel with a hint of cognac within it.

  5. Beautiful, pear shaved ice or a sweet pear desert drink for the summer is what this perfume reminds me of. It’s delicious smelling.

  6. Anthropophagia is my favorite scent of all time. It is bright, beautiful cognac and pears with the smallest amount of depth. It’s fresh and stunning, with a hint of sweetness. The first time I wore it, I tried it before bed and woke up to the most amazing smell, since it had lasted overnight and into the morning. It is beautiful, fresh, and fruity – Perfectly described as a palate cleanser. This is a perfect “always smells good” kind of scent that lives always in my purse.

  7. From this I get a cold, sweet, very realistic pear scent that is syrupy, like canned pears that have been frozen. It is foody but also fresh and appropriate for work. Definitely refreshing!

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