Cottage Witch

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: Also known as a Hearth Witch or Kitchen Witch, this caretaking, pragmatic conjurer is all about her sanctuary. Handicrafts, brewed potions, and sorcery mixed into everyday home life. Enchanted gingerbread people, bewitched apple cider doughnuts, vanilla oleoresin, fresh gingerroot, maple syrup, beeswax absolute, butter co2 extract, honey, pumpkin, and a sliver of fig.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Witch”

  1. Overwhelmingly, this wore as gingerbread on me. It’s got all of the spicy gourmand notes at the forefront – gingerbread, cider and spice, ginger, and a little bit of syrup all in one. Notes are more jumbled than being individually discernible. I love the concept but got rid of mine since it wasn’t more unique than a spicy gingerbread scent.

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