Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: The scent of staying in to watch the snow fall: dark honey amber, marshmallow, and the glow of beeswax candles.

6 thoughts on “Snug”

  1. It’s honey, beeswax, and warm amber. It’s not overly sweet at all and it is a fuzzy, cozy kind of scent for the most part, though on me the slightly smoky beeswax was a little too forward. I would have enjoyed it more if it was a bit more marshmallowy and sweeter.

  2. I love this one!! The beeswax is strong and really influences the amber to make it more atmospheric, and then the marshmallow adds a gourmand element, it smells delicious not in an “I want to eat it” kind of way, more like…..I want to be somewhere that smells like this all the time. Would be so nice in winter at night as well. The cosiest perfume.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Snug. It’s perfectly blended, every note just blooms off my skin. It’s warm and inviting and sweet and cozy and everything just works. I wish I could bathe in it.

  4. Deep, dark, honey, warm, melty beeswax, and just a hint of marshmallow sweetness. This sits close the skin, but lasts a few hours on me. Snug is a favorite for staying in on a cold winter day.

  5. It’s 90% beeswax, and 10% marshmallow on me. I wish it was a bit more evenly balanced, as it’s very waxy. It’s still quite sweet though. It’s still enjoyable and I will keep my sample, but I don’t feel the need for a FS. I like it, but it didn’t really live up to the hype for me 🙁

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