Three Drops of Wax

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: A clean white shirt, a burning candle flame, melted beeswax, braided hemp wick, old leather, snow, and ash.

2 thoughts on “Three Drops of Wax”

  1. This is an elevated “clean” scent for me, amazing for when I want something that smells fresh, clean, almost fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry-esque but with some more offbeat notes to keep it from being too straightforward. The edition of the leather, ash, and beeswax adds such a cool atmospheric quality that makes me think of laundry strung up in the windows of a drafty old medieval room.

  2. At once cleaner and warmer smelling than I expected, this scent was a surprise. The opening is predominantly clean linens, cool and unisex. There’s a hint of smoke and something else (the ‘ash’?) warning the blend up, bringing something mysterious, but it isn’t powerful or acrid – it just brings something almost spicy, peppery to the table. The rest is comforting beeswax. This is a tough scent to describe due to its uniqueness, but I would describe it as beeswax-forward and unisex to masculine. It almost reminds me of a very gentle cologne.

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