Cherry Cola Float

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: A frosted glass filled with ice cold cherry cola with waves of sliced wild black cherries and vanilla bean ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Cola Float”

  1. I have this as an EDP and it’s my all time favorite scent from cocoapink. Straight up super strong cherry coke with a little spiciness and a little vanilla sweetness. So good.

  2. I got this scent the first time in a conditioner that I purchased as a gift, and remembered liking it and being curious how it would do as a perfume. In the bottle, that cola smell is freaking GREAT. I’m very impressed. Not sure I smell anything but cherry soda though; no vanilla ice cream to speak of. Once I put it on, the cola gets a little spicy while still staying sweet, and I can detect some creamy vanilla too… it’s delicious! This is a fun scent, and it doesn’t strike me a childish, which I was worried about. It’s bright, bold, fizzy cherry cola, with just a dash of creaminess from the ice cream once it settles. I’m loving it as a scent to mix things up.

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