Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Such a sexy scent of intoxicating vanillas with a hint of myrrh. This is not a foodie vanilla. This vanilla is all grown up and will demand attention on anyone who wears it.

5 thoughts on “Come-hither”

  1. The myrrh and vanilla combo gives me mature vibes, but not mature as in “operates a touchscreen phone by using only her index finger and squinting,” more like mature as in “has been around long enough to know what she’s worth and commands attention with a single glance.”

    This scent is incredible. I could see a Hot Mom and/or Important Businesswoman wearing this.

  2. so… i’m not really a huge gourmand person, and in the bottle (which is the EDP) this smells like cupcake frosting and nothing more. i put off trying it for quite a while because i was like “wow, i don’t even LIKE cupcakes, and i don’t want to have to scrub this perfume off instantly because it’s tooth-achingly sweet.” however, the moment i put it on, it mellows into a really beautiful, soft, skin-musky-vanilla scent? definitely sexy in some capacity. i was expecting to hate it, but honestly, i’m considering a full size now.

  3. I got this one as an alcohol-based perfume. The vanilla is a bit more gourmand than I was expecting based on the description. On me the myrrh smells like cinnamon for about half an hour, and by an hour in, everything blends together in a lovely spiced vanilla swirl.

  4. I love this fragrance in the bottle and it smells the same in the Linen Spray as it did in Ends with Benefits. It is a complicated vanilla, with a spicy undercurrent that is difficult to place if you don’t know it’s myrrh. It also lingers longer than most of the other Linen Sprays I got, which is a nice bonus. I decided to use it as a body spray and am sad to report that on my skin, it loses what made it so great for me. It’s still better than your standard vanilla perfume, but the magic is mostly lost. The myrrh practically disappears! Tragic… I will continue to happily use this in my hair and on my clothes for that delicious cinnamon-like vanilla cloud, but I think my serious love affair with this fragrance is over. Blasted skin chemistry!

  5. Cupcakes! The vanilla in this smells like buttercream frosting, despite them claiming it’s not a foodie vanilla. The myrrh adds something special to this one. I think I like it, but I’m not sure.

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