Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Autumn leaves beneath your feet crunch loudly as you run through the woods into an old wooden shed… but you quickly sense danger is everywhere around you. He is coming for you. Dried autumn leaves, golden amber, bright red maple leaves, dark blackberry wine and old wood overcome with patches of moss bring this fragrance to life.

2 thoughts on “Demogorgon”

  1. I have this in the conditioner. The old woods and moss are most prominent, with the wine adding some sweetness to the scent. Very atmospheric! This smells like a ramshackle, overgrown shack in the woods, but in the best way.

  2. The first time I tried this it was really nice! Delightfully dark with very strong wine and wood notes. There were hints of maple. Moss and leaves came out more on drydown. But the second time I tried this, it smelled like Montreal Steak Seasoning! All salt and pepper and things. Very weird.

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