Dreaming Of Roses

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Yellow and orange rose petals drizzled with airy whispers of marshmallow cream brightened with an explosion of lemon, bergamot and tobacco.

1 thought on “Dreaming Of Roses”

  1. I’m surprised that this isn’t called a dupe of Rose Jam. It’s extremely similar, and is definitely a worthwhile dupe (though I say that as someone who only own samples of Rose Jam). When I smell the two scents next to each other (after drydown), they smell very similar. Rose Jam is maybe a touch…warmer? They’re both a delightful lemony rose, and I absolutely love it. Not gourmand, not detergent scented, not aggressively floral, not too sweet. I love this. 5/5 for sure, and I will probably get in in a shower butter and a VBB. Has fantastic longevity.

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