Fluffy Green Tea

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: We took our fabulous Green Tea and blended it with Marshmallows. A customer’s special request!

12 thoughts on “Fluffy Green Tea”

  1. Does not smell like powdery, green, slightly sweet matcha and does not smell like marshmallows AT ALL. Smells like a glass of unsweetened iced green tea with a lemon twist.

  2. It makes me think of the green tea hard candies. Definitely artificial and sweet, quite grassy. Not unpleasant, but it’s very easy to apply too much.

  3. light marshmallow, touch of matcha. Reminds me of Solstice Scents’s Rose Mallow Cream – perhaps the mallow notes? Does project surprisingly well. The dry down is less Rose Mallow Cream and more muted. I don’t get much bitterness, if any at all.

  4. I do get a high amount of marshmallow and a certain green tea candy scent. It isn’t like drinking a cup of green tea, but it is almost a dead ringer for these matcha green tea marshmallow candies I got at a miniso the last time I was in China. It’s a bit sharp.

  5. For me, this smelled like olive oil that’s on the turn. You know if you buy a big budget bottle of olive oil and even though you use it for everything it still somehow goes ‘off’ towards the end? That smell. Gone-off olive oil with a teaspoon of artificial sweetener. Super bitter, weird, sour, rotten, gross, oily rot with a very cheap sugary edge. I really disliked this one, sadly.

  6. No marshmallow detected here, just a good dose of herbal-y green tea and a little bit of plastic. Doesn’t have a strong scent imo.

  7. I don’t get the sweetness that others are describing as ice cream when I wear this. I get a true earthy green tea on a bed of marshmallows. Cocoa Pink’s marshmallow is the do-all end-all of marshmallows. It’s realistic to the point you can smell the dust coating them as if you just grabbed one out of the pack. The green tea adds an earthy grounding to the sweet, fluffy marshmallow that is truly a joy to wear.

  8. The marshmallow note is fluffy, sugary, and one of the best I’ve found! Unfortunately, I find that the accompanying green tea note is sharp and a little medicinal. It smooths out after an hour or two and leaves a glorious fluffy vanilla, but unfortunately it’s lacking in the tea for me.

  9. The green tea note + marshmallow can read as burning plastic at first. CP products can take a long time to settle, so there’s your warning about that. It’s a perfumey yet still bitter green tea with a very very nice marshmallow fluff. It’s delicious in the conditioner and deodorant.

  10. The green tea note is delightfully bitter! A tad bit perfumey. The marshmallow note is bright and fluffy, like sticking your nose into a freshly opened bag of marshmallows.

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