Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Sexy, dark leather, crimson wine, bare oak trees, stone, rain and blackened earth.

2 thoughts on “Netherworld”

  1. This is DELICIOUS! From the bottle I get leather only, but once applied to the skin I get leather, rain, fresh soil and something a little fresh. The dirt note is prominent and clean smelling like good potting soil. I smell like a badass newly unearthed vampire. This is for the perfume oil–a free sample I will be going back for more of.

  2. Oh my! Straight-up leather in the rain! I keep sniffing this because it’s so spot on, it’s crazy… Using it in the shower was a little overwhelming though. If I’m going to get a sugar scrub, I would go for something fruity or fresh. I think this may be a linen spray candidate.

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