Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: The unmistakable scent in the air the moment winter arrives. Pale snowflakes, bitter, cold air, dry vanilla, snow dusted trees, agar-wood, baked apple pie and smokey swirls of crackling tobacco.

3 thoughts on “November”

  1. Tobacco with lots of apple and mint—cold and a tiny bit green. It is a little bitter but it’s also sweet and a bit smoky. It smells like if Darling Clandestine Supernova Sway and Alkemia The Yellow Book had an apple-laden baby.

  2. This smells like that manly black candle from Yankee Candles, and boy does it have some longevity. It’s strong and it lasts. It’s very masculine, so if you like that, this is the scent for you. I’m thoroughly impressed with the longevity, but not the smell itself. It’s just too much. I wish the baked apple pie and tobacco notes were stronger.

  3. I found November to lean too masculine for me. I didn’t find the apple note to be “baked”, but more like apple peels.

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