Oriental Jade Iced Tea

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Black and green tea infused with ice cold shots of coconut milk, fresh sweet cream and sugar all poured over ice then accented with fresh peppermint leaves.

3 thoughts on “Oriental Jade Iced Tea”

  1. I love this, it is a sweet but realistic, non-floral tea. I don’t personally notice the mint, or at least I find it hard to distinguish from the tea notes. Great longevity!

  2. I got this in hopes that it would smell similar to haus of gloi’s “Moroccan mint tea” and it did not disappoint!! It smells similar but not the same. I really get the fresh tea notes along with a sweet creamy marshmallow scent. The mint just sort of freshens it up at the end and is not overpowering at all. I absolutely LOVE this one! Very fresh with a little tiny bit of foody sweetness.

  3. Screamy “nestle iced tea”. Dead on that kind of iced tea – it even smells like the fake lemon they use. I don’t get anything else from this in the perfume, but in the body butter I can smell the hints of coconut milk and green tea.

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