Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Sensual pomegranate infused with fresh picked blackberries, bergamot, smoky vanilla bean, vetiver, dried pinecones, injected with intoxicating hints of delicate white carnation.

1 thought on “Rebellion”

  1. In the first instant I put it on, this smelled like bad cherry flavored cough medicine. It quickly mellows down a bit, but maintains a fake cherry scent. I think it might be the pomegranate mixing badly with the bergamot and vetiver..? I’m not sure what it is. I can get a hint of floral, but overall, this is just… fake cherry. Almost cherry jolly rancher lol. Gets juicier scented with time, but. Just not for me.

    Oh! It actually reminds me a little of a scent I got at Claire’s once. It was a body shimmer spray that had purple swirling shimmery glitter in it. Holy nostalgia!

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