Spiritueuse Double Vanilla

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Based on Guerlain’s famous vanilla. This duplication is high quality and made with notes of pure vanilla, real benzoin extract, frankincense, spices, cedar, pink pepper, bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

4 thoughts on “Spiritueuse Double Vanilla”

  1. Generic perfume. It leans a bit vanilla and a tiny tiny bit of pepper, but it mostly just smells like White Diamond or something.

  2. Weirdly, I get very little vanilla in the bottle. It just smells freshly spicy and maybe a little green. As I was putting it on, the vanilla became apparent and I can see now why this is a big deal. It is just so well-blended! That makes it hard to describe. It is vanilla, but unlike any other vanilla I’ve worn. It’s spicy and warm, while somehow staying fresh and clean. The sweetness is there, but it’s not the point; It reads as an afterthought to the complexity. It’s almost as if the scent changes while I’m sniffing. So, I smell vanilla, but it immediately starts blooming into the other notes, making them one. It makes perfect sense why this appears as part of other blends too: there’s a little bit of everything that can be built upon to make something entirely new while still retaining the beauty of this alone. This is one everyone needs to try for themselves!

  3. At first I didn’t really like this one. But after aging, it’s grown on me. The first blast of this reads “chocolate” to me. I have no idea why. But then it blossoms and I get a LOT of pink pepper. So spicy. The incense is there in the background, adding depth to it all. I don’t get the bergamot or the floral note. It’s a unique vanilla for sure.

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