Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Her perfume smells like burning leaves. Every day is Halloween.

4 thoughts on “Witchcraft”

  1. My experience is so different than the other review on here lol. All I get in this is smoke!! It’s like burning smoke with a hint of it leaning slightly barbeque but it’s still just all really smokey.

  2. Yes, this smells like leaves in the bottle. Straight leaves. Like others have said before, I’m not at all getting that they’re burning… I want smoke, and I get zilch. This is basically just a perfume version of what leaves smell like, like if you were lying in a pile of them on the ground. It’s realistic leaves (unlike the BBW fruity spiced version which smells nothing like leaves)… but the longer it sits, the more it smells like some weird department store perfume my mom would wear. Maybe the rest of this bottle can be used for layering. Not a fan. Such a shame.

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