Witches’ Delight

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Brimming with the true olfactory essence of the fall season! Soft buttery vanilla cookies dusted with orange and black sugar, fresh cranberries, blood orange oil, dark brown sugar, Turkish mocha whipped with shards of bitter almond, roasted hazelnuts tempered with a cool blast of iced vanilla.

2 thoughts on “Witches’ Delight”

  1. A beuatiful groumand initially that gives me this “syrupy, buttery pancake” vibe initially with nutty notes that contribute to that foodie breakfast feel. Unfortunately after a few hours it turned into candy-necklace on me. Initially rated 7/10 but thinking it needs to be bumped up to 7.5/10 because it’s just that much better than Cozy Blanket.

  2. Strong sweet mocha smell that turns dark. Like walking by a bakery/cafe on a winter night. Delicious.

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