Death and Floral

‘11 days in December’

‘A living warmth, and a picture of death’ 

‘Before you were dust’

‘Buried beneath the shallow hay’ 

‘Decomposing roses for a a decomposed romance’ 

‘Dusty stacks of vinyl records on an antique store floor’

‘filled with the heat of a reckless summer’

‘Half hoping to be eaten by a bear.’

‘If the sharks don’t get to you first, the sun will.’ 

‘I was born a bitch, I was born a painter.’

“Lay Me in the Earth, and from My Fair and Unpolluted Flesh Let Violets Spring”

‘Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones’

‘My whole life is a delicate cycle’ 

‘Nobody’s happy in a poodle skirt and sweater set’ 

‘Nothing rusts in the desert, the air is full of ghosts’ 

‘She poisoned the strawberries’ 

‘Swamp elixir’

‘That first morning moment’ 

‘The blues are all the same’

‘The library, burning down with us’

‘The peach Queen’

‘The same way I am in love with the moon’

‘The secret of wives and widows’

“The soft crunch of bread and bone”

‘The sweater we buried you with is hanging in my closet’

‘The taste of almost summer’ 

‘The wolf only needs luck to find you once’

‘The woman and her time-traveling picnic basket’

‘Two cups of tea, a summer monsoon, and me and you.’ 

‘You belong among the wildflowers’