Alice in Wonderland

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Candied lemon peel and sugared violet and rose petals.

Released: Literature

2 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland”

  1. This is very sweet, and I love it. After maybe an hour or two, the candy is receeds and I get the rose petals. It’s a very pretty scent. I could see this as being popular with a teenager, but I wouldn’t say it’s strictly a young scent. If there was ever a perfume that would be appropriate for sun dresses and tea parties, this is it. It’s on the lower end of the throw spectrum. I have to have my arm pretty close to my face to smell it. It has decent longevity, it lasted all day and even through a workout!

  2. so, let me say first that i received the sample i have in 2015, so it has had… PLENTY of time to settle. my first notes on this (from 2015) were “not that it smelled bad, just that it is not something that i could see myself wearing as a perfume.” i remember it being overly sweet, to the point of being something i simply COULDN’T imagine wearing.

    i revisited it 3yrs later and after sniffing it, i decided to give it a try and spritz it on the back of my hand. immediately, i was hit with a STRONG, sickly sweet smell i couldn’t place; i very nearly washed it off. however, it mellowed out after about 15sec. it now mostly smells like the sugared violet.

    i still can’t see this as something i would wear, but it’s mellowed pretty significantly from resting, and i recommend it to people who do like that sweet, spun sugar sort of scent.

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