Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Nag champa, vanilla liqueur, vanilla bean, musk.

8 thoughts on “Champanilla”

  1. I think that my skin chemistry is doing crazy stuff with this blend. This didn’t turn out at all the way I thought it would. I love me some nag champa and get on well with the other notes listed…or so I thought. I quickly loose the nag champa (boo!) and a vanilla note quickly morphs toward cherry almond territory. On my skin, this ends up smelling like a cross between old school cherry almond scented Jergens lotion and Hagen’s Whitehouse Cherry ice cream. As the wear time progresses, the scent fades out to a lovely vanilla musk that stays close to the skin. This one was a letdown for me.

  2. One of my all time favorite Nag champa blends. This is so much like the real thing. Smells just like putting your nose up to a box of ‘satya nag champa incense’ while putting on your favorite vanilla oil. Totally beautiful, very easy to wear (as long as you love nag incense) the dry down is my all time favorite. I made sure to roll this all over my jacket for that amazing champa reminder. Yummy!

  3. Liquid nag champa! It’s amazing how much this smells like nag champa. I don’t pick up on the vanilla too much.

  4. Lightly sweet, creamy, warm, and mystical. Vanilla bean, boozy vanilla liqueur, creamy musk, and a sandalwood-heavy nag champa.

    It’s creamy and a little sweet, but the nag champa is the strongest note here. Like sitting cross-legged at a Hindu temple, listening to “ommmmmm”.

    Love and recommend to anyone who enjoys nag champa.

  5. It pretty much smells like a vanilla version of nag champa has been released in perfume form. It’s got a distinct head shop/ hippie vibe, maybe one that stocks mostly vanilla scented items. As it sits, it tones down a lot, smelling mostly like the dank, slightly charred remnants of a stick of nag champa. I can’t help but compare it to Spirit Temple in my head, and Spirit Temple is better to me. ST has a lot more nuance, with a delicate restraint making it feel feminine and flirty. This is bolder and muskier… in-your-face vanilla incense. I’m surprised by how strong this one is since I smelled ST first and they’ve been called sister scents. While the notes are similar, they are strikingly different takes on them. I see the comparison better on the dry down because they trend towards the same place, smelling also the same at the VERY end. Champanilla is nag champa-forward with vanilla backing, while ST is cool, layered vanillas with nag champa support. I like this, but it’s not a favorite. Since I already own Spirit Temple and enjoy it more, I don’t need it in my collection. Pass.

  6. A very comforting and straightforward vanilla-nag champa. A lot of vanillas tend to read artificial or cloying and this one doesn’t.

    1. Love this! I used to own Spirit Temple but rather then repurchase that one, I decided to buy this instead, and I am so glad I did because I much prefer Champanilla. A little more focus on the incense, while the vanilla sweetens it up,it doesn’t overpower the nag champa and that little bit of musk is just the inspired touch it needed it harmonize all the elements, I think if you’re looking for more vanilla, you might prefer Spirit Temple.

  7. So warm and comforting. It’s a lovely, deep vanilla which is blended beautifully with the smoky nag champa. One of my favourites

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