Lavender Macaron

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: confectioner’s sugar, vanilla bean paste, finely milled almond meal, ground lavender buds.

4 thoughts on “Lavender Macaron”

  1. I’m on the fence on my feelings on this perfume oil. Upon application on my skin, this is a 50/50 mix of confectioners sugar and the vanilla bean paste with a tiny whiff of almond that comes and goes. As this dries down on me. the sugar and vanilla vanish (this is common with Hexennacht’s vanilla, sugar and marshmallow notes on my skin) and the almond meal comes to the forefront along with a strange sour note (this has to be the ground lavender buds). At this point, I’m not sure I’m digging that sourness along with the almond. It’s strange to me and not really coming together. About 20 minutes later everything fades out and the lavender is the dominant note. I’m happy to report it lost it’s sour twang. Just when I think that I could like this, it pretty much disappears on my scent eating skin at 3 hours. I think I’d dig this more without the almond and the sour stage of the lavender. The end result is nice but I’m not a fan of the “sour almond” stage at all. Stupid skin chemistry!!!

  2. Holy lavender! That’s all I smell in the bottle and on application. It’s not my favorite note either, so I’m not very into it. I was hoping for some vanilla-almond sugar cookie action and I’m not getting it, sadly. It takes until about halfway through the wear for me to get the other notes pushing through. So, this is very lavender-forward. It’s rather lovely once the sweetness kicks in, balanced out with the still-present calming herb. I might wear this version of it if I could bypass the all-lavender portion. As it stands, it’s another easy pass for me.

  3. Soft, sweet, and graceful. Lavender, gourmand vanilla, and a hint of almond flour.

    The lavender is the strongest note by far. It seems lightly sugared, but still a touch sharp… which is a blessing because the vanilla is very rich and sweet. There is a hint of almond flour too (a little cherry-like as most almond notes are, but more powdery than usual).

    It’s a simple scent, but the balance is perfect for me (lots of lavender, vanilla somewhere in the middle, and almond in the background). All of the individual notes are stellar and they really compliment each other well… but then again, I have always been a sucker for lavender/vanilla blends.

    It’s not quite as strong as I’d like it to be nor as long lasting… but that’s okay because it’s the perfect bed-time scent. Most lavender scents are either too strong or too sharp/herbal for me to wear to bed.

    In comparison to Hexennacht’s Espiritismo and Killer Queen, Lavender Macaron is in the middle of the two in terms of sweetness, strength, and longevity (I find Espiritismo to be extremely sweet/strong/long lasting and Killer Queen to be just the opposite). It’s not really similar to either one of those though.

    In comparison to Cocoa Pink’s Lavender Honey Macaroon, Lavender Macaron is stronger and the balance is exactly opposite (CP’s Lavender Honey Macaroon seems to be mostly almond/honey with very little lavender).

    Like and recommend to lavender lovers.

  4. This makes me dream of Paris. It’s perfect and exactly as described. I layer this with Raspberry Rosemallow and it’s like I just walked into Laduree. So much yum!

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