Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Peach, sun-warmed meadow, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, tree moss, oakmoss accord.

11 thoughts on “Mossypeach”

  1. When I first got this one, all I really smelled was freshly-cut grass. After resting for a couple weeks, the green notes settled down a bit, but I still didn’t think I was smelling peach at all—then I realized it was because I was used to syrupy sweet peach notes, and this is more like the flesh of a just-ripe peach. It’s a really great “grown-up” peach scent. I did end up finding a really nice peach soli-note from another house (it’s also a more fresh, realistic peach), and I like to layer a dab of that with Mossypeach, just because my skin tends to eat up fruit notes super quickly, and it’s perfect.

  2. This is so well done, an unexpected surprise. On my skin I smell fresh peaches that are just shy of ripe. The mosses come out to play and the sun-warmed meadow is next to make an appearance next but I never do get the vetiver, sandalwood or cedar in this blend. The mosses eventually fade out and the fresh peach comes back as the star. Mossypeach is exactly what i smell!!!

    1. I found a long lost vial of Mossypeach while trying to organize my stash. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this but it smells a bit different this time around on me. Maybe age has something to do with this or my skin chemistry changed? I’m getting an equal mix of fresh peaches that are just shy of ripe on the tree and a laundry detergent type of smell. On my skin this reads as ripening peach and some kind of fancy dryer sheet. I’ll save this for the warm weather to enjoy. MP just isn’t hitting me right to wear in the chilly month of November. Mossypeach is much lighter and cleaner than the type of smells that I gravitate towards, especially at this time of year when all things smoky and resinous shine. I’d describe this scent as fruity fresh and clean. Curious to see how this wears once the weather heats back up.

  3. If you don’t like peaches, don’t buy it. I LOVE peaches as they remind me of summer and eating peach cobbler straight from the oven. This smells like if you bit into a ripe peach, it’s incredibly realistic. I like using it as a layering note but it’s also fantastic by itself, and it lasts pretty much all day.

  4. I don’t seek peach out as a rule, but this one has been raved about. My curiosity was killing me, so I figured decant samples were my perfect opportunity. I’m not surprised by my lackluster response to it. It’s on the better side of peach scents, I suppose. The green and wood notes elevate it a bit past your typical, generic, fruity smell. It’s not particularly sweet and never becomes candy-like in any way. I’d still never order it personally just because it’s not my thing. This get a half-hearted shrug from me. I found an interesting pair in this with Corpse Bride, which is probably how I’ll use it up. This combination is what I wanted Citrine to be, with both the floral and the fruit holding equal ground, backed by a little sweetness and a little earthiness. It’s nice! Still, hard pass on Mossypeach for me.

  5. Syrupy peaches up front, not as fresh-smelling as the other reviewers experienced but still the tastiest peach note I’ve experienced. Dries down into a beautifully mossy fresh green scent threaded with sandalwood that lasts for a decent amount of time on me. I would have liked a bit more vetiver but that’s just personal preference. The cedar is barely there (I forgot it was even a listed note, and I don’t like cedar!), the focus is definitely on the oakmoss accord which is absolutely lovely. A bright green scent.

  6. Sweet realistic peach scent with some greenery and light woods in the background. I love this one, and it has decent staying power. I love to put it in my hair.

  7. I don’t really like fruity scents but this one was perfect. Not super candied or juicy- smells realistically like tart peach skins. The balance between peach and warm mossy greenness is perfect. The drydown was kind of disappointing, though- with all that vetiver and oakmoss I was expecting something strongly green, but the scent dissipated after about two hours on me.

  8. Super realistic peach scent, like a firm not overripe peach, not a candied or especially juicy smell, Initially smells like all peach, but after drydown, the mosses and sandalwood are prevalent on my skin, with the peach taking a backseat. It smells like sneaking out to a peach orchard and stealing some away without getting caught.

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