Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Black licorice, spun sugar.

2 thoughts on “Pennywise”

  1. On me this smells EXACTLY like Good and Plenty candy. Does anyone remember those little black licorice pieces covered in a (pink or white) candy shell…do they still make them? I find it strange, I hate the taste of black licorice but I love the smell. Yup, Good and Plenty candy, unchanging throughout the entire wear time. Not medicinal or herbal at all. Starts to fade on me after about 3 hours but I can still catch the scent here and there around hour 5. Solstice Scents Black Mallow is gone after 2 hours on me for some comparison. My skin tends to eat scents, most people will get a longer wear time out of this I think. I like this just for the nostalgia alone but I’m not sure if I’d get a lot of wear out of this oil on it’s own. For me, I like to have a bit more going on in my fragrance most days. This would be a great candied black licorice note to add into other oils.

  2. Wow. This is a perfect example of why I revere Ajevie. I never would have bought this as a full-size because I’m not usually a licorice person. I can’t stand the taste of the candy and the smell is very take-it-or-leave-it… This, however, is stunning!!! The cotton candy has this sort of multiple-citrus, delicately sugary profile instead of the bubblegum-pink classic. It’s enhanced and on brilliant display alongside the licorice counterpoint. It’s sweet, while capturing a sort of cool, elusive dark shimmer. If cotton candy could be edgy, this is that in a bottle. I’m completely blown away. I would wear this, and that’s shocking to me. Total sleeper!

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