2 thoughts on “Santal”

  1. Something in this is giving me beach vibes. There’s no coconut listed but I’m smelling something akin to golden vanilla coconut. This is the way I wish coconut smelled on me. Usually it turns plastic and artificial on me. Body chemistry’s a bitch! This is much lighter than I expected from a predominantly sandalwood blend. It’s pretty but I myself wouldn’t wear this on it’s own too often. I would use this to layer with many other scents, it would be a great blender scent in my opinion. I’m not getting any incense at any time during the wear but it’s okay. Again, this is probably the closest I can ever get to smelling like coconuts. Actually I know there is no true coconut note or it would have gone rancid on me. I’d call this alike and not a love since I’d use this in layering only. Usually a “love” scent for me can be worn on it’s own.

  2. Yesss, all the sandalwood! I’m even more excited for this after my first whiff. The bottle is straight-up rich woody goodness. It’s the same on my skin, but now I get a tinge of sweetness. I had to recheck the notes and ah yes, there’s vanilla here too. So, this reads as a wood-heavy vanilla sandalwood blend on me, exactly what it claims to be in the notes. I like it a lot. The vanilla is a nice, subtle counterpart. It really sets off and showcases the exquisite sandalwoods. Overall, it’s not as strong as I would have expected, more nestling into my skin and chilling in a present, yet shimmery way. I get the incense impression after a few minutes… this is magnificent. Now it’s reminding me of huffing a new bag of sandalwood incense. You know when you get some of the incense powder on your fingers? How that smells? That’s this. Yum. It’s gorgeously straightforward. I can get behind this. I’m not really craving more complexity, which surprises me. It has just enough. I could be totally happy wearing this all by its lonesome. It could be layered sure, and if I owned it, I imagine that would happen at some point. It just doesn’t need it. I feel like a self-assured, elegant hippie right now and I’m all about the vibe. I was nervous about the lack of strength once it settled on my skin, but it lasts a super long time, so I’ve forgiven it! Count this as a winner. A very cool, complete winner. Want!

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