Vanille de Cèdre

Brand: Kyse Perfumes

Scent Description: Himalayan Cedarwood, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Oakmoss, and a hint of a sweet musk base.

4 thoughts on “Vanille de Cèdre”

  1. This is a very pleasant vanilla and cedar fragrance. The cedar is strong and spicy in the opening and for at least the first hour.
    There is a realistic, slightly bitter dryness to the wood that keeps this fragrance from becoming too sweet, although it does sweeten up significantly as the vanilla takes center stage. Sillage isn’t impressive but the longevity is. I don’t personally see myself wearing this as there are vanillas I prefer, but I’d love it in a candle!

  2. I may have liked this more, but it is just so faint. I meant to add that Solstice Scents Manor was also very faint to me (for reference)

  3. This smells so amazing. Another top 10 indie perfumes (out of the 700 that I’ve tried). This is like wearing the Marshmallow Fireside candle from B&BW, but as a perfume. Holy Grail status for sure! I always repurchase!

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