Brand: Latherati

Scent Description: her lovers’ bicycle basket holds a fresh baked baguette, a vintage bottle of merlot, dark chocolate truffles dusted with even darker cocoa & a bundle of 11 red roses (not a dozen, not 13 – bad luck); he rides the patchouli whispered cobblestone streets at twilight, heading home to his one true love to celebrate La Saint-Valentin

Released: Paris in Love Valentine Collection

2 thoughts on “Crepuscule”

  1. It’s incredible how every note in this perfume blooms out individually as listed! One of the most interesting perfumes I’ve ever tried and I love it.

  2. It’s starts out as a dry sort of scent, with dry bread and red wine. After a while the bread fades and the wine recedes, so that the chocolate & rose can come out. At the end of the day it smells like rose petals covered in Cabernet flavored dark chocolate.

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