Lunar Queen

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: A mother who sacrificed everything to save those she loved. A delicate mix of sweet lavender and coconut milk in a bouquet of peonies, tuberose, and lilies with white amber and a drop of patchouli.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Queen”

  1. Very sweet and floral, which is on brand for Luminous Star. It opens in a very fresh bloom of coconut milk and peonies before some of the waxy white florals make themselves known. The patchouli is a bit funky on the drydown and doesn’t seem to get along with the top notes on my skin, which is a bit of a surprise (usually patch loves me). It makes the whole scent veer sour for awhile before it gets back on track. I don’t pick up on any lavender or amber!

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