Pink Bunny

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: A girl, age 14 and a bit of a crybaby. But she’s all sweetness here with notes of sweet coconut milk, fresh strawberries and a dollop of marshmallow!

Released: Pretty Girls

4 thoughts on “Pink Bunny”

  1. An unbearably sweet strawberry milk perfume. As it dries I get whiffs of coconut milk, but that milky strawberry is still very prominent and very, very sweet/sugary.

  2. The strawberry is very strong upon application, and I wouldn’t describe it as fresh; I’d call it a rich, jammy strawberry. It still smells real but it’s not the same as smelling a quart of fresh strawberries. After about 30min, though, it gets into artificial plastic territory. There is an underlying creamy sweetness but the strawberry is the star and it’s not as pleasant as the day goes on.

  3. I get a ton of strawberry and sweet, nondescript sugar. I wouldn’t have identified it as marshmallow, but I can see it having that very sugared quality with a very light feel. This one doesn’t morph during wear, in my experience. It’s a nice, sweet smell if you want something simple. It’s non-threatening and seems good for perfume beginners as well.

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