Smoking Bomber

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: Always there to save a damsel in distress! He might not have all powerful weapons, but he gets by with what he has. He’ll rush in to save the day smelling of smoky roses, with tobacco, beeswax, and hints of patchouli, and pine to keep her coming back to you.

Released: Pretty Soldiers

2 thoughts on “Smoking Bomber”

  1. Smoking Bomber seemed like it would be right up my alley (I love tobacco, beeswax and patchouli), but unfortunately this did indeed bomb for me. It reminds me of antiseptic cleaning fluid and bandaids, it made me smell like a hospital.

  2. It started off as smoky roses, but unfortunately, my skin amped up the smoke of both the tobacco and the roses; leaving me smelling like a giant cigarette.

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