Pyramid of Khufu

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Sand accord, limestone amber and the sweet breath of Egyptian amber.

Released: Egypt & her Wonders

1 thought on “Pyramid of Khufu”

  1. Pyramid of Khufu is a lovely amber perfume. NAVA’s limestone amber is prominent- a nearly nutty, smooth and warm amber that leans a little dry rather than caramel-ish. Limestone amber layers very well, and is featured in NA’s limited edition Prehistoria line for a reason! Overall, PoK has both sweet and powdery nuances but manages to be neither; instead, it is a mellow, comforting, authentic amber.

    I prefer a rougher, stronger, more pungent amber (like NA’s Royal Amber) and PoK is just too mild for my taste, but PoK is a good example of non-gourmand amber and an excellent starter amber for those wanting to dip a toe in without being smothered by resins.

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