Chocolate Absinthe

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Green Mint Fairy Essential Oil, Benedictine Absinthe Anise, Egyptian Anise, a Brown Sugar Cube, Bavarian Chocolate Cocoa, German Wermuth, Hyssop, Chocolate Nibs, Star Anise, Meadowsweet, Basil and Sweet Fennel.

Released: Goblins

1 thought on “Chocolate Absinthe”

  1. Right away Chocolate Absinthe smells like Andies Candies (a dark chocolate mint candy) on my skin. Around the 10 minute mark my skin is starting to develop a tingling cooling sensation from the mint. This reminds me of my Grandmother, she used to keep a steady supply of Andies Candies in the freezer. As time goes on I can smell anise and other assorted herbs giving a medicinal yet aromatic edge to this and taking it away from gourmand territory. Chocolate Absinthe and Nemisynthe have a somewhat similar scent profile but Chocolate Absinthe wins by a landslide in my opinion. The longer this wears, the more CA grows on me. I’ll give it a few more tries but for now this is a like and not a love for me. After about 3 hours the herbs majorly fade out and I’m left with a close to the skin chocolate/cocoa scent that does NOT smell like Tootsie Rolls thankfully. Personally for my perfumes, I prefer dark to milk chocolate. Pretty much every “milk chocolate scent” I’ve tried ends up turning into Tootsie Roll on me. Again, for me this is a like but I have other absinthe based perfume oils that I prefer. I’ll give it a few more tries before I make a final decision about Chocolate Absinthe.

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