Princess Amber

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: The Princess Nefertiti is said to have Loved the Scent of Ancient Kyphi both perfume and wine. Here we have taken our exquisitely blended Sacred Kyphi and enraptured it with the silk of very radiant baby vanilla beans and taken the Amber base created for this line and what has become of the scent is an alluring and enchanting perfume for the Royal within.

Released: Royal Amber

2 thoughts on “Princess Amber”

  1. Unfortunately I don’t really like PA. Actually I only get a cloying sweet honey note, nothing else.
    I don’t get any Kyphi.

  2. Princess Amber is like a lighter take on a fusion of Queen Amber and Sky Amber, with a hint of additional kyphi spices. The Royal Amber base is about 40% of what you smell. Then, heap sparkling golden honey and strong, thick, bright vanilla on top. The honey in the Kyphi accord is not the same as the Egyptian honey incense accord in QA, despite both being honey-centered incenses. It is a happier, less exotic scent. PA’s is like sunlight on your face on a stroll, as opposed to QA’s incense-honey, which is like walking inside of a temple by lantern-light. The vanilla is prominent but not as syrupy or rich as that in SA. It leans more towards white-amberish than cream-like. I think it may be a bit redundant to own all three, though PA does have a little kick of Kpyhi spices in the background to keep things interesting. It is more complex than SA or QA, but I like the honey-incense accord in QA better. It is less sweet than SA, which I prefer, and is useful when you want a more neutral vanilla’d amber with additional complexity, as SA is much simpler. Overall, Princess Amber is definitely worthy to be part of the Royal Amber lineup and is quite a nice perfume. Definitely recommended for people who like sweet scents and want to venture into amber-centered perfumes.

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