Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: A single note with accents given to enhance. A pure Egyptian Red Musk that is a skin musk the envelopes the wearer in a sheer, deep and aromatic scent that binds with the natural warmth of the skin and is both alluring and unisexual. The colour is a rich vibrant red from the Red Musk petals used during the perfume process. Apply sparingly to enjoy the natural colour of the red musk petals. A very soft etherial perfume.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

3 thoughts on “Crimson”

  1. Never been a fan of musks, I’m anosmic to many, they make my nose sting and if present in large amounts, give me a headache. But I’m strangely compelled by Crimson. It’s simple, it’s sweet, smells of clean skin but never gets too soapy or shrill. There’s a soft cuddly benzoin (or the sweetness of Dragon’s Blood without any of the sharpness) together with a clear but not overpowering Eastern incense. It’s like the office scent of an Eastern Bazaar worker lol. A very comforting Egyptian musk.

  2. I can’t smell Crimson in the bottle AT ALL. It takes a minute for it to take flight once applied on my skin, but I really love how it develops. It’s super subtle on me, so even if I wind up applying with a bit of a heavy hand, I’m never worried about clearing a room. It’s a just-for-me scent, a sort of secret, that practically requires my nose coming into contact with my wrist in order to smell it. I find it very soft and beautiful.

  3. Crimson is not Kashmir, though they share an air of warmth. It is richer, sweeter, and kind of a “red” take on your staple Egyptian musk rather than a true capital-R RED musk like Kashmir. After the glory of Kashmir, I was underwhelmed, but I was also looking for a red musk to rival Kashmir and that is just not possible. Crimson is definitely a lovely note to have in perfume blends (like Gardenia Crimson from the Garden series) but I’m not a huge fan of it by itself, and I reach for Kashmir when I want red musk.

    If you love Egyptian Musk of any kind and want a thicker, elevated, more succulent take on EM, then Crimson is perfect for you. If you want a sibling to Kashmir, not at all. Also, the oil is very pink! Almost like liquid rouge or lipgloss. Not the blood-like look of Kashmir, it’s more of a friendy rosy flush.

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