Ember Vanilla

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: A haunting Vanilla cream with accents of caramel and a sweet kiss of brown sugar, in which we mean, the vanilla is underneath teasing and sweetening the woods of exotic Indian Sandalwood, American Cedar, California Redwood and the haunting decadence of our ICON Egyptian Oudh as part of this blend. A vision of smoked vanilla but only by using the finest of NAVA SL ingredients. Can be layered with more of any of our SL Sandalwood perfumes, more SL Vanilla, SL Diamond or SL Amethyst. A log fire with vanilla accented in the smoldering wood.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

2 thoughts on “Ember Vanilla”

  1. This smells like vanilla, layered with caramelized sugar and brown sugar, next to a smouldering fireplace. I didn’t get the nuances of brown sugar and caramelized sugar when I first tried it, but that has come out with a bit of resting and smells so good. This is reminiscent of Solstice Scents Manor, but sweeter and more complex.

  2. I am impressed! The notes made me unsure of this scent since I usually don’t care for caramel, sugar, or vanilla, and Ember (frankincense and myrrh) did not call to me, but EV is lovely! It’s almost a warmer, more complex version of Olympic Orchid’s Woodcut. Definitely a “toasted” wood scent, with the sugary scent of burning sap, and almost the warm spiciness of myrrh underneath. Undeniably sweet, but the sweetness is never overdone.

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