Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Deep blood red musk. A scent that is both animalistic and ethereal once it blends into the chemistry of your skin. This perfume is a viscous deep blood red colour due to the nature of the components used to create such a beautifully haunting perfume.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

3 thoughts on “Kashmir”

  1. This is gorgeous but it’s not as unique as I expected based off rave reviews. If you are familiar with attar oils and classic imported red musks, this one doesn’t steer far from that source however it has its own unique spices that make it ever so slightly different. I have nemat red musk and it’s very similar but this one almost has a red musk + a touch of that extra extra Egyptian superior vibe. I wish I would have gotten more complex blends for my first order and for those of you who are familiar with attars consider this before you purchase!

  2. I’ve known for a long time that I adore Kashmir in NA’s perfumes, but only recently have I been able to experience it in isolation in its full glory. Kashmir is a totally different animal on its own. It develops a slight smokey edge on top of the musky sweetness and it is just so much more intense- not just in literal strength, but it feels so much heavier and it has a sort of presence to it. Kashmir is resonant and powerful, if that makes sense. The oil itself is a bit intimidating too, since it is a super dark oxblood color, and incredibly viscous. And yes, a drop is all you need. I love Kashmir in other NA perfumes, and I love it by itself. If I could smell like only one thing forever, it would be Kashmir!

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