Robin’s Egg

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A gently protective blend to support you through life’s transitions. Dainty forget-me-nots and Lily of the Valley, a dollop of whipped blueberry creme, and a cozy birch nest tucked into a flowering dogwood tree.

Released: Critters 2019

2 thoughts on “Robin’s Egg”

  1. I agree with eshum103 about the realistic 🫐blueberry note in Robin’s Egg. This is my second perfume oil from Nui Cobalt that contains blueberry (the other is Grey Cat) and I must say that I’m a fan. Usually all berry type scents go to plastic or smell artificial on my skin, NC’s blueberry note has been an exception. But holy shitoly within a few minutes of application to my skin, my allergies come fourth with a vengeance. I cannot stop sneezing. I think it’s one of the floral notes, as these are the symptoms when floral notes (usually white florals seem to be the worst offender) kick up my allergies. What a shame, from what I can smell in between being stuffy and runny, Robin’s Egg is a lovely blueberry tinged floral. Even though it’s the blueberry note that hits me when I first apply this, the emphasis is most definitely on the florals of this blend. Another one that I’m guilty of slathering and it came back to bite me in my ass…allergy wise. I’m hoping that other berry notes from NC will behave as well as the blueberry has. I wonder if it’s the forget-me-nots, the lily of the valley or the flowering dogwood tree that bothers me? I don’t recall the blooms from the dogwood trees of my childhood having a memorable smell and I can’t tell you what forget-me-nots smell like. At the same time I can’t single out the lily of the valley so it’s between the forget-me-nots and the flowering dogwood tree. Yup, Robin’s Egg is a floral dominant blend with notes of creamy blueberry and something clean. I get the appeal of people putting this one in their hair as it smells like a nice shampoo that’s floral, clean and a bit creamy at the same time. Lasts a solid 4+ hours on me. It’s nice but not worth the hassle of my sinuses going haywire.

  2. This has a very realistic blueberry–not a pancake or muffin blueberry. I’d say the blueberry and the florals are evenly matched. I can’t pick out the birch or dogwood tree per se. I hope it comes back this year as I would love to full size it. It makes me think of Easter and fresh starts.

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