Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: The benevolent denizens of Benin’s lush forests. Rich mahogany and ebony wood, coconut husks, shea butter, and tart tamarind.

Released: Fae Folk, Nymphs, and Otherworldly Beings

3 thoughts on “Aziza”

  1. Sweet, soft and woody. A little bit sour/fruity but not too much. This was quite subtle on my skin with low throw, and it lasted 1-2 hours.

  2. Right out of the vial I get wood, along with a dark, slightly mysterious sweetness. On my skin that rich fruit becomes tart! Aha, definitely tamarind. The wood and coconut make a cushy, not too sweet base and the tamarind has a little zing to it. I really like this as an alternative to the many, many coconut and lime/lemon/pineapple combos. It has that same coconut plus zingy fruit, but it’s darker and weightier. Throw is not tremendous, but since this is a slightly darker, richer scent that suits me fine so it doesn’t overwhelm. It could maybe go unisex, the woodiness seems to lean that way for me. At the very end I’m still getting a dry coconut and what I suppose is the shea butter. The result then is a bit just showered, skin but better scent.

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