Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: milky, rich white sandalwood note to add a depth and spicy warmth to any scent

Released: Layering Notes

2 thoughts on “Embrace”

  1. Embrace is a very different sandalwood from Sacred (another Sandalwood centric Poesie fragrance), it’s super dry and woody, like the smell of a sawmill, not unpleasant but surprising given the name. On me the 2 perfume names should be swapped, Sacred has that milky sweetness while Embrace is like a dry dusty wooden church, there’s no sweetness on my skin at all. Embrace would be great layered with vanilla or simple sweet gourmand blends, it would cut the sweetness and deepen the whole. But unless you’re lucky enough to have skin chemistry that doesn’t make the dryness prominent, you’d have to really love very dry wood notes to appreciate Embrace on it’s own. In my opinion Embrace leans masculine in this regard.

  2. For some reason, this particular sandalwood accord is a death note to my skin. It just smells terrible and sour and nothing like sandalwood on me and it’s tragic. Not all of Poesie’s sandalwood does this to me, mind you, but this particular accord and I are arch nemeses. That said, if you liked the sandalwood in Just Like Heaven and Marble Kiss, this is the same accord!

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