Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: Comforting, creamy Basmati rice pudding flavored with orange flower water, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried rose petals, then piled high with sugared pistachios

Released: Miss, Behave! Artists Collection

9 thoughts on “Mâdar”

  1. For me, this blend is a 10/10 (which is why I picked up a full size in my last order. It does what it says on the tin: it’s a realistic rice pudding. It is sweet, but grounded by the spice and floral notes. The throw is good (I don’t have to hold my wrist to my nose to smell it), and so is the longevity (at least 6 hours).

  2. Im kinda on the fence with this one simply because I don’t generally like spicy/savory gourmands. I DO love cardamom however and the creamy texture of the rice pudding note. The sweetness and floral notes keep it from smelling too much like a spicy dish in an Eastern restaurant. It’s actually quite lovely but I need to rest it and test it again at some point

  3. This is one of my favourite scents of all time. It’s versatile and works for hot and cold weather and everything in between. The rice pudding is spot on. It reminds me of Indian rice pudding with the additional flavours than just rice, cream, and cinnamon. The saffron and pistachio keep it from being too sweet. Highly recommend

  4. This is my favorite perfume I’ve tried so far along my short indie journey! It starts off with a lot of almond-y pistachio but that fades on me pretty quickly (I think my skin just eats almond/pistachio notes though). For the most part, this is a soft pretty orange blossom with a bit of warm spice and a lovely, creamy base of rice pudding. It’s truly gorgeous, I just wish it was stronger/lasted longer. It’s great for bedtime though!

  5. This perfume is a new holy grail winter scent for me. It’s foodie for those who don’t normally like foodie scents because it never gets too sweet and doesn’t scream “I am a walking dessert!”. It has throw on the higher end of medium (I can smell myself throughout the day and my husband could smell me as we share a car ride). It lasts a full work day. If I wear it to bed, I can still smell it when I wake up.

  6. Madar opens with the rose petals but I’m also getting creamy toasted rice pudding. It has changed since I got my sample a week ago then I felt it leaned savoury (a problem I have with cardamom). Thankfully it doesn’t dominate here. I don’t get the pistachios but there’s a lovely sweetness to it & lucious creaminess. Actually prefer it now to Rose Custard Kulfi which was a favorite

  7. A foodie scent, on me, it smells like creamy food grade orange flower dusted with warm spices, it reminds me of a dessert a dear aunt of Syrian descent used to make.
    It has great sillage and longevity, not for a “notice me” occasion, rather, for those that get close to you, it lasts a few hours, more so if you apply it to your hair.
    A comforting scent for bed, a beautiful summer foodie scent to transport your imagination to faraway lands.

  8. This scent is a lovely creamy rice pudding scent with orange flower and saffron. There is a hint of rose and pistachio, but it blends together with the rice pudding.

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