Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: Comforting, creamy Basmati rice pudding flavored with orange flower water, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried rose petals, then piled high with sugared pistachios

Released: Miss, Behave! Artists Collection

5 thoughts on “Mâdar”

  1. This is my favorite perfume I’ve tried so far along my short indie journey! It starts off with a lot of almond-y pistachio but that fades on me pretty quickly (I think my skin just eats almond/pistachio notes though). For the most part, this is a soft pretty orange blossom with a bit of warm spice and a lovely, creamy base of rice pudding. It’s truly gorgeous, I just wish it was stronger/lasted longer. It’s great for bedtime though!

  2. This perfume is a new holy grail winter scent for me. It’s foodie for those who don’t normally like foodie scents because it never gets too sweet and doesn’t scream “I am a walking dessert!”. It has throw on the higher end of medium (I can smell myself throughout the day and my husband could smell me as we share a car ride). It lasts a full work day. If I wear it to bed, I can still smell it when I wake up.

  3. Madar opens with the rose petals but I’m also getting creamy toasted rice pudding. It has changed since I got my sample a week ago then I felt it leaned savoury (a problem I have with cardamom). Thankfully it doesn’t dominate here. I don’t get the pistachios but there’s a lovely sweetness to it & lucious creaminess. Actually prefer it now to Rose Custard Kulfi which was a favorite

  4. A foodie scent, on me, it smells like creamy food grade orange flower dusted with warm spices, it reminds me of a dessert a dear aunt of Syrian descent used to make.
    It has great sillage and longevity, not for a “notice me” occasion, rather, for those that get close to you, it lasts a few hours, more so if you apply it to your hair.
    A comforting scent for bed, a beautiful summer foodie scent to transport your imagination to faraway lands.

  5. This scent is a lovely creamy rice pudding scent with orange flower and saffron. There is a hint of rose and pistachio, but it blends together with the rice pudding.

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