Twice to Tea

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: a strongly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea delicately infused with all natural lavender absolute, sweetened with vanilla syrup, and lightened with a splash of milk

Released: Fools in Love Collection

12 thoughts on “Twice to Tea”

  1. This is the scent I always come back to. It’s just lovely. Not too sweet and the lavender doesn’t overpower. I prefer the alcohol-based EDP for throw.

  2. Tried my aged bottle (2 years) of Twice to Tea again and swear I detect a dark undercurrent of violet (not listed!), oud and amber which was missing before. It’s like the lovechild of Opening Chapter and Myself Invisible.

  3. I want to like this more than I really do. It does smell like Earl Grey, but something about it is headache inducing for me.

  4. The tea and lavender create a very strong camphor/fresh opening which I’m surprised I really love. I’m not generally a fan of lavender but apparently I love it paired with earl grey tea and a bit of creamy sweetness. This one is very comforting and calming, it’s the scent equivalent of a relaxing cup of tea and it has the same effect on me. Very soporific . I adore this!

  5. I get a nice warm London Fog from this perfume, with jasmine tea mixed in with the Earl Grey. Maybe sitting by flowering jasmine as well and with jasmine petals floating on top of the tea. No lavender though. This is a very floral scent on me but it’s nice because I love jasmine perfume.

  6. This is the most realistic tea scent I’ve ever tried. It really does smell like a London Fog made with lavender Earl Grey. On my skin, I get the lavender-infused Earl Grey with the super realistic Earl Grey note, accompanied by a splash of milk. The Earl Grey is super strong at first, but the milk becomes more prominent over time. After a few hours, the vanilla syrup joins in with the milk, giving it that true London Fog scent. I really like this!

  7. This is one of my absolute favorites. The earl grey tea scent is realistic and there is that splash of sweetness from the vanilla and milk. It is cozy and feels exactly like I’m at a tea shop having a lavender london fog. I don’t notice the milk turning sour on me and the lavender is sweet. I wish it lasted longer on me but I’ve been wearing it in a scent locket and basking in the cozy all day!

  8. In terms of strength it is: Earl Grey tea, lavender, milk. This is a true tea scent with a splash of lavender and milk. I wouldn’t describe this as gourmand. If you’re looking for a tea heavy scent with creamy elements, this is for you.

  9. I’ve been looking for my HG tea frag forever and this is it. A true, Earl Grey tea scent that is perfectly balanced in everyway with great longevity and good projection. Something I notice about Poesie is that the individual notes consistently present themselves in succession rather than multiple notes working all at once; it’s like the perfumes are telling a story. At first it was milk (which never went sour and isn’t creamy milk but lighter though still imparting a beautiful softness) then black leaf tee. Slowly the bergamot and lavender notes emerge and the vanilla grows stronger as it dries but on the whole I wouldn’t call it a sweet gourmand, the bergamot and tea prevent it from ever getting too sickly. I’m off to get an FB tout suite!

  10. This one is pleasant but rather subtle. To me it reads like lemon lavender tea, I don’t get a strong blast of Earl Grey but since lemon and bergamot can read pretty similar it might be bergamot that I’m getting. It does have a pleasant little splash of vanillic milk that makes for a pleasant cloudy tea, and the lavender is a subtle but welcome herbal note beneath it all. There is a tannic quality that makes the tea aspect more realistic, like strong black teas usually have. Something in this reminds me of Forest Cat which is really nice.

  11. On me, this reads as slightly sweet Earl Grey tea with hints of lavender. The milk note doesn’t come across as sour or off and the lavender never goes medicinal. The tea note is definitely very realistic and, on my skin, long-lasting.

  12. Creamy, milky, slightly sweet, well-blended tea+lavender. Very cozy and dreamy–it’s my HG sleep scent. It also isn’t too lavender-y, but a perfect balance of Earl Grey tea (actual Earl Grey tea, not a generic ‘tea’ note) and lavender and milk.

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