A Haiku-Fangping Gauze Screen

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Half the house is knee-deep in moon beams.
North and south stars struggle against what seems
To be the dying of a night tilted to day. From behind a green
Gauze screen, as if aware of coming Spring, an insect sings.

Mimicking the divine and elusive fragrances which tickle your mind in the sill of a perfect evening, an osmanthus-like sugary note marries with a bit of peach and rhubarb and a drop of lime. There is a feel to this of silver (the Silver fragrances from Possets). Quite romantic, lightly foody but in a come-hither way..on a moonlit night.”

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “A Haiku-Fangping Gauze Screen”

  1. A beautiful and sophisticated blend. What smells like sweet creamy osmanthus is the dominant note, but it’s perfectly balanced by a hint of soft peaches and a citrusy lime note. The Posset’s silver base is barely detectable, but is there in the background and is a good fit. Everything comes together really well, into a softly gentle your-skin-but-better scent.

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