Gelato Vaniglia

Brand: Possets Perfume

Scent Description: as only Possets can do it. It is possible to have vanilla as a top, middle, and bottom note. It is just a halo of vanilla as you can taste among the best of gelatos. Mmmmm. Vanilla was never so concentrated and so pure.

2 thoughts on “Gelato Vaniglia”

  1. Wanted to love this. It smells like a rich, buttery vanilla in the vial. On my skin it’s a vanilla cinnamon candle. A very fancy cinnamon vanilla candle, but a candle nonetheless. I’ve only had one cinnamon note ever cause a reaction on my skin – this one did not cause any issues.

  2. This is straight up vanilla and cinnamon on me. Smells amazing but burns like FIRE on my skin and turns me red as a stop sign. Pretty sure I’m sensitive to cinnamon on my skin. Wonderful in the diffuser.

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