Guilded Cloaks

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

A painted people there below we found, Who went about with footsteps very slow, Weeping and in their semblance tired and vanquished. They had on mantles with the hoods low down Before their eyes, and fashioned of the cut That in Cologne they for the monks are made. Without, they gilded are so that it dazzles; But inwardly all leaden and so heavy That Frederick used to put them on of straw. O everlastingly fatiguing mantle!

The hypocrites are forced to wear golden cloaks which are lined with lead and so they go about with unbearable weight on their souls though they look lovely “without”. Here I have mixed the sweetest side of flowers with the sharp and sere side of sandalwood, a sliver of white sharp musk, and an emollient outer note of cocoa wax. A pretty unforgettable and unusual blend.

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