Issota and Sigismundo

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Sigismundo Malatesta was one of history’s Great bad boys. Married three times and leaving behind a stream of people who got in his way, Sigismundo, the Duke of Rimini also called “”The Wolf of Rimini””, ended up excommunicated, almost anathematized, and on the run from the Pope along with his mistress and later wife, the beautiful and thoroughly depraved Issota degli Atti. Want more ancient gossip? Help yourself. Ancient gossip is going to be a sub-series of Possets for this summer, a bit of a light read and titillation for the amusement of you Possetiers.

The fragrance? A big departure from the orthodox, banana and sandalwood! Shocking? Yes. Intriguing and compelling? Yes. I loathe banana in all its forms, and sandalwood isn’t my favorite base note BUT after putting this combo together I have had it on my pulse points non-stop. Honestly, this is a real ineluctable (irresistible) blend. Just as dark yet sweet as the lovers themselves. ”

Released: Permanent Blends

3 thoughts on “Issota and Sigismundo”

  1. Well I let this one rest for several months and it’s still just a straight up astringent sandalwood with ZERO banana.

  2. I’ve come across multiple reviews that speak about the banana in this perfume oil but I got zero banana. All I could smell was the sandalwood. Makes me wonder how it would do after “resting” for awhile. I went through my sample…taking multiple tries to detect banana to no avail. I honestly wonder if they missed adding the banana to the oil I received. Still wondering how sandalwood and banana smell together?

  3. When first applied it’s a lovely mix of banana runts and sandalwood–both notes are equally present, and balanced quite well. Once it dries, however, it’s ALL sandalwood, with just the tiniest hint of something sweet/fruity. Decent longevity, and the scent holds nicely to the skin, but it’s a bit disappointing that it winds up as such a sandalwood soliflore, rather than the unique–but surprisingly delicious–combo it started out as.

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