Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Phyllotaxis is the pattern of sunflower seeds around a central point. It is actually a Fibonacci Curve and it appears so often in Nature that it’s almost the universal symbol of the of the Natural World! The elegance of a nautilus shell, the whorl of hair on the back of a baby’s head, the ringing of leaves around their stalk, they all follow the rules of the Phyllotaxis.

Black musk and a dark Brown Musk combine iwith a whiff of Chai in a strong arabica blend rather than a Kona blend. A little spike lavender, hyssop, and cassia. A wake up sort of a perfume with somehow manages to become very cozy and hypnotic as if you were watching a swirling Phyllotaxis. I like this one when I am too revved up and need to calm myself.”

Released: Permanent Blends

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