Pizza Per Colazione (Pizza for Breakfast)

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Another of the wicked foodies, how about a bit of pizza pie for breakfast? Heh, if you missed out on the limited version of this one from a fast food company, our homemade version is better. Quite Sicilian and with a bit more spice and spunk than they have (and not alcohol based, either). We think you will be amused.

1 thought on “Pizza Per Colazione (Pizza for Breakfast)”

  1. This is really interesting. At first, it is an incredibly buttery bread, which Possets is fantastic at doing. That’s all I can smell up close. From farther away, I swear that I get little hints of oregano once in awhile. After 10 minutes or so, I get a little bit of spice and what might be a light sauce that isn’t very tomato-heavy. I mostly get a lot of buttery, slightly-yeasty crust and some spices. It almost smells like there’s a tiny bit of fruit next to the sauce, too. Interesting! I kinda like it.

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