Pumpkin Pie

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The crowning glory of the autumn, the pinnacle of the sublime American feast pumpkin pie is a triumph or culinary desire, and unabashed hedonism. This pumpkin pie is the limit when it comes to things pumpkin. It captures the actual flesh of the fruit and lovingly slides it in place with spices which compliment rather than cover up what it is. Not at all sharp but foody, very strong and hypnotic, the soul of autumn in a bottle. I am awfully proud of this fragrance. The crust is a special one, made more like cake than an ordinary pie crust, it is a charming (and clever) accompaniment to the whole. 

1 thought on “Pumpkin Pie”

  1. As someone who loves pumpkin pie everything, it was a great sadness for me to find out that this scent doesn’t work at all for me. I tried out a whole ton of pumpkin scents from Possets, and I realised that the store uses a certain kind of spice note that makes everything smell like a dirty copper pan (which is weird because I’m absolutely fine with Possets’ cinnamon/cardamom/cumin notes! Just not the mix that Fabienne and her team had been using for their Halloween/Yule scents).

    This one starts off as ultra-creamy pumpkin purree (thick, slightly sweet, and unmistakeably like the sugar pumpkins that you can only get in the US or in canned form). But then the dirty ‘copper’ smell comes in, and overtakes the rest of the notes for me (to the point that I couldn’t even smell any of the cake-like crust). So yeah, skin chemistry definitely sucked out the fun out of this one, so I’m afraid I’ll have to stick with Heka which does a fine pumpkin rendition for me.

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